You can see on realestate.com.au the historical prices, indicating the uplift capabilities of the renovation process we undertake for each project. The below list is from the most recent to the oldest.

Currently Underway or Upcoming


Browns Plains

Large Double story, conversion from 3br, 1 ba. Into 5 Bedroom, 3 bath with addition of study, kitchen and large living space downstairs.

Acacia Ridge

Low-set Queenslander, with a floorplan just begging to be fixed.

Completed projects

16 Muller rd, Woodridge

A period home originally built 60 years ago and relocated to Woodridge about 25 years ago, this home was a joy to revive. The Heritage home had wonderful bones, with extra high ceilings, large open bedrooms the home just came alive when the modern touch was applied. The bathroom and ensuite didn’t fall short of stunning, the kitchen also complimented the bright light filled spaces of this home. Refinishing to match the timber internal cladding came with its challenges and sealing the gaps in the original internal wall cladding took over a week but was a  worthwhile investment. This home was screaming for attention and with the updates it received, the home is one of the highest sale prices for a single story in the area.

Project Duration: 9 weeks to renovate

Property Photos: 16 Muller Road, Woodridge, QLD 4114 – realestate.com.au

59 Albert st, Logan Central

Can of worms to say the least…. this property had home DIY extension one on top of the other, unfortunately, most of which needed to be removed due to termites residing throughout. We began being removing all of the walls in the ‘extensions’ to the main house and removing the rotten and damaged timbers throughout. This demolition was the most extensive we have ever had to do. Once all of the termite and water damaged framing was removed, the rebuild process began. Firstly, reframing walls that were to remain, and rebuilding the upstairs & downstairs bathroom to be both utilitarian and complimentary to the new house aesthetics. With such large surface areas to finish for plastering, painting etc. the house required more input than usual. The results however were outstanding, with 5 legal height bedrooms and two kitchens with 2 large bathrooms, this property was meant to service a large family. The upstairs and downstairs large entertaining areas added so much space to the home it felt three times bigger than the typical home we’ve uplifted.

Project Duration: 12 weeks to renovate

Property Photos: 59 Albert Street, Logan Central, QLD 4114 – realestate.com.au

66 Karrie ave, Logan Central


This lovely home had so much unrealized potential. A tired double story with great heigh downstairs, we framed in, and built in downstairs to facilitate laundry, living, bedrooms, bathroom and laundry. The upstairs required some flooring repairs, as well as the floorplan around the kitchen to be updated to make the upstairs flow much better and to maximise the kitchen space. We did add the ensuite for the upstairs on this project and an ground floor covered entertaining area, complimenting the large rear yard for this house. Again a lot of cutting back of overgrown trees and foliage, the property really opened up and became inviting.

Project Duration: 11 weeks to renovate

Property Photos: 66 Karri Avenue, Logan Central, QLD 4114 – realestate.com.au

38 Rhodes st, Loganlea

A single story with large land, it only required a huge effort in removing all of the rubbish and waste left behind by the tenant, in addition to updating the floor plan and maximising the space. With the addition of an ensuite, bedroom and study to this property, alongside the new flooring, painting, kitchens and new bathrooms, this property polished up a treat.

The project was simply yet the changes were huge, from hardly being able to see the property from the street with all of the tree coverage, and the smell and rubbish left behind. The team opened up the properties potential and delivered it to a new homeowner who could enjoy what the home had to offer.

Project Duration: 8 weeks from access to sold

Property Photos: 38 Rhodes Street, Loganlea, QLD 4131 – realestate.com.au

643 Browns Plains rd, Crestmead

Main road vibes, this home was a joy to execute. With downstairs a complete blank slate, with plenty of water ingress issues. And upstairs severely dated yet filled with windows throughout the living space to bring the sunlight in. We maintained the floorplan upstairs and built in underneath for the addition of 2 x rooms, additional bathroom, kitchen and living space. Completing this project over Christmas with skeleton crew, we turned it over quickly with a beautiful finish. Priorities on this project was the removal of extensive tree and garden overgrowth into the property, and making downstairs watertight from outside, both above and below head height.

7 Week renovation on this one and sold very quickly upon completion.

Project Duration: 8 weeks from access to sold

Property Photos: 643 Browns Plains Road, Crestmead, QLD 4132 – realestate.com.au

8 Ash Avenue, Woodridge

This property was aged and held huge potential. We undertook raising of this house, and restumping in order to convert from a 3br, 1 bathroom in to 5 bedroom, 2 kitchen, 3 x bathrooms and 2 living spaces with entertaining deck areas.  With a large upper-level deck running the entire length of the house, and the addition of a large rear undercover deck, this house had entertainment spaces everywhere. Freshly concreted driveway, new fencing and a complete overhaul of the house. The outcome was nothing short of amazing. With stunning unique and modern finished, large bathrooms this house sold quick once complete.

With unique challenges and extensive holdups from third parties, we managed and executed where needed to bring the project to completion.

Project Duration: 12 months

Property Photos: 8 Ash Avenue, Woodridge, QLD 4114 – realestate.com.au

30 Cunningham st, Marsden

A double story with huge potential. This house was another, in true need of attention. There was a stagnant entry upstairs and nothing short of a mess downstairs. We reconfigured the flooring up and down stairs and evolved this house in to a beautiful 5bed, 3 bath from an old and tired 3bed 1 bath. The home needed the attention now, or never. Replacing the sliding door upstairs, we installed french doors opening to the front balcony, enhanced the upstairs by opening up walls and installing an entirely new kitchen throughout. New external cladding needed around the entirely of downstairs, the re-framing to existing held its own challenges. Relocating the external shed also, opened up the rear of the house for an entertaining area and space for the kids.

We maintained the garage and built in a large laundry behind the garage for the space a home of this size deserves. Tiled throughout downstairs and re-finished polished floors, all complimenting the newly renovated bathrooms throughout.

Property Duration: 13 weeks from access to Sold

Property Photos: 30 Cunningham Street, Waterford West, QLD 4133 – realestate.com.au

18 Venture st, Crestmead

What an amazing home. We undertook this project under private agreement with the owners, helping them overcome a tricky financial situation. The property didn’t have a lockable entrance door front or rear at all, nor did the Hot Water Service work (mind you with tenants living there). It was not great all round. We stripped the property completely, repairs some minor termite damage and made some changed to the floor plan. It originally had one large, yet awkward bathroom area, and toilet with linen at the rear. Due to the space, we could convert this to a wardrobe, large ensuite, large bathroom, both with toilets. and keep the linen cupboard. This space transformed the home. In addition, we converted the walk-through laundry into a Butlers pantry which took entrance from the kitchen, and followed through to the laundry, and then outside. In addition to the above, the house had a large double garage, which we added a bedroom in, whilst maintaining a single car park in the garage and storage area still remaining. With tiles throughout and carpet in the bedrooms and living area, this home ended in beauty. Replacing the roof sheeting to the rear pergola, painting the roof with a new protective coating. Landscaping and re-fencing the property, not to mention the new Hot Water Service. The new owners couldn’t wait to get their family in to this lovely and unique home.

Property Duration: 8 weeks from access to Sold

Property Photos: 18 Venture Street, Crestmead, Qld 4132 – House for Sale – realestate.com.au

3 Carnation st, Waterford West

This lovely home must have previously been occupied by someone in a wheelchair, with wide open doorways throughout, large low-set light switches and role-in bathroom amenities. This house started with 3 bedrooms 1 bathroom and living space. We converted it to a 4 Bedroom, 2 bathroom property. With floating floors throughout, shower over bath for the main, and walk in shower for the ensuite. Large kitchen, covered rear patio area and euro laundry. This project took 7 weeks from initial access to being up for sale. Undertaking conversion of the open, under roof area to create a large living area opening in to the dining and kitchen. We maintained the VJ paneling throughout internally to match the original. This brought a wonderful flow to the home and created an ultra modern look and feel throughout. Proud of the finishes at this property, with the quick turn around and higher end fittings, this property was nothing short of a success.

Project duration for acquisition to sold: 8 weeks.

Property Photos: 3 Carnation Street, Waterford West, Qld 4133 (realestate.com.au)

34 Charles ave, Logan Central

What a wonderful property. This home was large, and had water damage, ceilings ripped out, floors upstairs falling through and in desperate need of some renovation love. With large trees surrounding the home, our first move was to have all of the trees close to the home removed. As the guttering both up and downstairs were completely clogged, leading water to leak in to the interior to the house. Once cleared we commenced rectifying all of the roofing, flashing and guttering around the house. With rainfall ongoing throughout the project, we could attend to any issues as they arose before commencing the new installations throughout. We finished this property with a large kitchen, living area, 1 bedroom and bathroom downstairs, with internal and external stairs, the upstairs had two large bathrooms (1 ensuite),  and 4 bedrooms and a living space. A home for the whole family, nestled away behind a quiet set of townhouses, this house was a private getaway.

This home had its challenges, yet we tackled each as they arose and ended with a superb home worthy of the wonderful buyers to now call it home.

Project duration for acquisition to sold: 10.5 weeks.

Property Photos: 34 Charles Avenue, Logan Central, Qld 4114 (realestate.com.au)

57 Poplar ave, Woodridge

This one was an exciting make-over. The property owner had attempted what can only be described as a first-timers attempt at renovating the downstairs of the property. The front fence was just awkward, and the rear downstairs was a maze with zero layout planning. We gutted all of downstairs and ripped out all that needed updating upstairs. Whilst removing any non-structural walls that weren’t needed and re-finishing throughout. With a large external deck on the rear upstairs, looking over the Nature Reserve, this property just screamed for the right touch of paint and improvements to make the house in to a home.  Providing a large bathroom downstairs, big open living both up and down. Minor landscaping and restructuring of the front gate and fencing. This property was a joy to do and enjoyable to see with all of the furniture staging for the open homes.

This property gave us a new outlook of what’s possible from worst to best house in the street.

Project duration for acquisition to sold: 10 weeks.

Property Photos: 57 Poplar Avenue, Woodridge, Qld 4114 – realestate.com.au

5 Tamalyn Crt, Woodridge

We walked in to a property which hadn’t had any maintenance or upkeep for years. With both internal and External works required, just to get it ready to renovate, this property gave us a challenge for sure. The property had 3 Bedrooms, and 1 bathroom, with a small front and rear deck and downstairs had a make-shift entertaining bar and garage.  The house required a full gut out back to plaster, a new Driveway Retaining wall and much more. Our crew got in and removed some non-structural walls, opening up the living spaces both upstairs and downstairs. Ran respective plumbing and electrical, whilst having every surface replacing old with new. Including polished flooring, Epoxy flooring downstairs, new kitchens and bathroom furniture throughout. It was a complete make-over adding substantial value to the property.

An exciting and jamb packed two months on this project, created an optimal outcome for us and the new owners. Converting a 3br 1 ba in to a two level, 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom home.

Rental Appraisal $450+ p/w

Project duration for acquisition to sold: 8 weeks, 4 days.

Property Photos: 5 Tamalyn Court, Woodridge, Qld 4114 – realestate.com.au

26 Aquarius dve, Kingston

This property was begging for some TLC to bring its potential to the surface. With 3br, and 1 bathroom. A 5 year old Pool, large outdoor double car garage at the rear, side access. Large 736m2 block. We opted to keep the kitchen due to it only being a few years old and still in great condition. We had plenty of room to add a new Master Bedroom, plus and Ensuite and separate Laundry. Applying hard surface driveway instead of the dirt/mud originally at the driveway. Whilst also erecting outdoor entertaining and finishing the un-finished pool works, by paving and completing around the pool.

All, in all a n enjoyable and rewarding project. With the previous owners ecstatic about the outcome and our ability to offer them higher than market value on our purchase in addition to their sentimental regard for seeing their properties potential realised.

Rental Appraisal $440-450 p/w

Project duration for acquisition to sold: 8 weeks, 4 days.

Property Photos: https://www.realestate.com.au/property/26-aquarius-dr-kingston-qld-4114

15 Antares ave, Kingston

We found a diamond in the rough here. With the previous owners occupying the property from 1978. This virtually un-touched property had potential through the roof. A 3 Bedroom, 1 bathroom property, ran down and lacking any maintenance for years. The property was heavily sloped which we typically avoid, however at $225k it was hard to say no. We gutted the property, opened up the living and kitchen areas previously all walled in. And built in Duel living beneath with shared laundry.

Converting this property from 3br, 1 bath, into a 5Br, 3 Bathroom property. Including private ensuite. With the sloped driveway we reinforced this with a retaining wall, building the driveway up and making it safer for occupants, and more importantly diverting water which had been flowing down the driveway from the street, now around the entire side of the house. Maintaining the foundations longevity and integrity.

Rental Appraisal $430-440 p/w

Property Duration: 16 weeks from access to Sold

Property Photos: https://www.realestate.com.au/sold/property-house-qld-kingston-133166038

32 McGrath st, Waterford West

This property was an eye opener. With the original property modified to a single bedroom property, absolutely run to the ground, with hoarders occupying the residence. We gutted all of the old, mould filled and damaged surfaces. Framed everything in and hit the ground running. We modified this house and updated its finishes from a single bedroom, 2 bathroom house, into a 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom property.

Taking advantage of the 900+m2 block, flat land with wonderful outlook to the rear of the property, overlooking council parkland. Future opportunity to expand or develop the property further. Finishing the property with new floor surfaces throughout including polished timber flooring upstairs and tiled flooring downstairs. On top of adding the ensuite upstairs we upgraded the bathrooms, and separated the laundry, lockable from both directions for opportunity of duel living now available. updated kitchen upstairs and new kitchen downstairs.

We also brought more natural light in downstairs with the addition of three more windows. opening up and brightening up the downstairs massively.

Rental Appraisal: $530-540 pw

Project Duration: 15 weeks from acquisition to sold

Before & after Photos: https://www.realestate.com.au/property/32-mcgrath-st-waterford-west-qld-4133?source=property-search-p4ep

14 Crinum st, Crestmead

We acquired this project as our first since moving up to QLD. With no team and limited contacts this was going to be our tester for this pocket of QLD we researched extensively.

This property was a mess when we walked in, with a rabbit warren downstairs with a single room, laundry, make-shift bathroom and kitchenette, not to mention the excuse for a staircase internally. And upstairs  what an only be described as an afterthought of a kitchen and 20-30 year old bathroom with three bedrooms.  All with a street frontage that hid the house from its true street beauty.

This property needed some love and it fitted our ideal project perfectly.

We dived straight in, we modified this project to have 5 bedrooms, all upstairs with a bathroom with walk in open shower and ensuite upstairs. Whilst removing the front and rear stairwells and re-building the internal stairwell to be a wrap around to meet building code. re-surfacing the floors, painting and new finishes throughout. Downstairs we included featuresque study/office, custom concrete bench-tops, new cabinetry, downlights throughout, open floor plan with laundry and bathroom also included downstairs. And the property frontage cut back and opened up for a beautiful view of the property and it new 1 meter wide door to greet its new owners.

Rental Appraisal: $500-510

Project Duration: 14 Weeks from Acquisition, till sold.

Before & after Images: https://www.realestate.com.au/property/14-crinum-st-crestmead-qld-4132

3 High Street, Werribee – Duration 101 days

This project is much closer to Werribee CBD than the previous project at Mississippi place. Within 1 km from the train station and main street of Werribee. With original finishes this property had tremendous uplift potential. We modified this property from a 3br 1 bath in o a 4 bedroom 2 bath. Including a master with ensuite.

Project Duration: 12 Weeks from acquisition until sold.

Before & After Images: https://www.realestate.com.au/property/3-high-st-werribee-vic-3030

8 Mississippi pl, Werribee – Duration 115 days

Our first flipper, we went in with 120 days settlement. planned and executed the renovation, converting the property from a 3br 1 bath in to a 3br 2 bath fully renovated home. This home is within 1 km of the major western suburbs shopping precinct in Werribee, in which the local council was in the process of investing $550Million dollars upgrading. The timing was perfect for this project.

Project Duration: 7 Weeks from acquisition until sold

Before & after Photos: https://www.realestate.com.au/property/8-mississippi-pl-werribee-vic-3030

Development – 55 Isabella St, Geelong West, Victoria 3218

With only 1 hour from Melbourne CBD, Geelong West is fast becoming a hotspot.
Our 4 unit development consist’s of high end units all with a modern colour schemes & finishes.
Each unit presents a spacious floor plan with two generous bedrooms, both with built in robes, a central bathroom and main bedroom with ensuite.
The open plan living /dining / kitchen, truly is the heart of the home filled with natural light.  The kitchens were fully equip with stone bench tops and stainless steel appliances.
The outdoor entertaining space and single car space really completed this ultimate package.

Before images: https://www.realestate.com.au/property/55-isabella-st-geelong-west-vic-3218

After Images: https://www.realestate.com.au/sold/property-unit-vic-geelong+west-125683954