Welcome Staunch Developments

Staunch Developments Project is an organisation established to provide state of art building technologies and cutting edge installation methods. A never-ending push for improvement, leaving no stone unturned for the most advanced technology available.
With a rich history of innovative solutions Staunch Developments delivers an assortment of products and services for the enthusiastic DIY project through to multimillion dollar building developments all across the world.

Areas of Service

Staunch Developments understand that not all clients are the same,

and each industry requires unique and leading technologies to maintain their edge over the competition.

We are always tentative and observant of our client’s needs, we spend the time learning what our clients expect and work together to develop streamlined operations, with an emphasis on high quality service and communication for long term business relationships.

We service the following areas:

  • Owner-Builders
  • Domestic Builders
  • Commercial Building Companies
  • High rise Developments
  • Internal Office Fit-outs
  • Housing Estates
  • Insurance Companies (repairs and re-builds)
  • Architects
  • Council and Government Projects
  • Landscapers


Custom Solution Services

We have found many clients encounter unique problems requiring specialist combinations.

The services we do not specialise in, we can certainly discuss and assist in finding a solution.

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At Staunch Developments we pride ourselves on clear and concise communication and transparency in our processes, ensuring all works are completed to the standard required by our clients if not exceeding them.

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